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Save time and money!!

get your weekends back

Get your weekends back

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know where you are financially

Know where you are

At Swag we take a proactive approach to bookkeeping, using uncommon expertise and utter reliability. We will save you time and money, and make sure your books paint a crystal clear picture of your real business results. We go beyond just timely compliance!

Your books, payroll, taxes, debtors, and creditors – all those accounting tasks you probably find distracting and disruptive to your business operations – can be handed over to us. SWAG Bookkeeping is a team of professionals and a BAS registered agent.

Contact us today to arrange your free one-hour health-check – it’s a great opportunity to meet you and get a better understanding of how working together could benefit you and your business.

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Great bookkeeping is a profit centre that lets an owner spend more time on things that add value to the business. Learn more. . . 

Every business needs to comply with government legislation. 

Learn more. . . 

Employees should be able to rely on timely and accurate payment of their wages, salaries and entitlements. Learn more. . . 

A positive cashflow is essential to business success. All businesses need more money coming in than going out . Learn more. . . 

Our six point guarantee


If you provide us the information we need as requested, we guarantee lodgement of your BAS and IAS by the due date.

We promise to respond to your a question within 4 hours and most will be resolved within 12 hours. 

You will be supported by a team of bookkeepers and not dependent on just one person.

We will adapt our services to meet the changing demands of your business.

We will proactively look for improvements and efficiencies that help to pay our way.

Give us one month to prove that you made the right choice in bringing us into your business OR PAY US NOTHING (limited to standard bookkeeping, not remedial work).

We offer a free 1 hour consultation so that we can get a good understanding of your current business position. We will consider the most cost-effective ways in which we can help you spend less time on your bookkeeping and compliance, and have the peace of mind that what is being recorded and reported is correct.
How can we help you?

Please get in touch with the SWAG team to find out how we can help you, and receive a free 1 hour consultation.

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Swag Bookkeeping
Swag Bookkeeping