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steffen welsh architects case study for swag bookkeeping
steffen welsh architects case study for swag bookkeeping


Steffen Welsch studied at the former Bauhaus School in Weimar, the birthplace of one of the most influential art and architecture movements of the 20th century. The concept of Gesamtkunstwerk, which makes use of all or many art forms or strives to do so influences his work to this day.


Steffen originally came to us for help when he realised that periods of leave had not been recorded in Xero for his staff.

Since then, the circumstances changed for several staff and he needed extra support to ensure he was doing the right thing and paying his staff correctly.


Steffen wanted to be confident that his payroll records were correct and that this could be demonstrated and communicatedto his staff.

Steffen needed to understand his obligations as an employer when a staff member took Paid Parental Leave or Long Service Leave or resigned.


Getting payroll right
and the right advice


Incomplete leave records meant that employee entitlements were reporting as more than they should have been.Incorrect payments were made to staff on a couple of occasions.

Inexperience with Paid Parental Leave and Long Service Leave raised concerns about understanding their obligations, how much to pay and when to pay.


A number of questions needed to be addressed:

  • How long does Paid Parental Leave go for; who is eligible
  • What is the difference between a casual or part-time employee
  • Is there leave loading
  • What is the last day of employment
  • What are the options around termination pay
  • How do these affect the amount of tax payable
  • How long does the employer have to pay that final pay

We sought specialist advice from Fairwork Australia and The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers to confirm our understanding and treatment of these matters was correct.


Leave records were brought up to date.
Payments made were reconciled against actual pays.
Affected staff were updated and provided with supporting documentation.
Our long service leave calculations matched the employee’s independent advice.
Steffen Welsch is now confident that he is managing his staff entitlements correctly.