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When is my BAS due

Sheree says…

Swag Bookkeeping is a registered BAS agent. The Australian Taxation Office allows us a lodgement concession of one month for quarterly BAS lodgement and payment, as per the table below. As a Swag Bookkeeping client, you receive the benefit of this lodgement concession.

REPORTING DATES 2019-2019 for BAS, IAS and SGC
As per the Australian Taxation Office – for more information
Lodgement and payment due dates
If lodging paper copy If lodging through registered BAS Agent
Quarterly BAS
Apr – Jun 2018 28-Jul-18 25-Aug-18
Jul – Sep 2018 28-Oct-18 25-Nov-18
Oct – Dec 2018 28-Jan-19 28-Feb-19
Jan – Mar 2019 28-Apr-19 26-May-19
Apr – Jun 2019 28-Jul-19 28-Aug-19
Monthly Activity Statement and IAS
July 21-Aug-18 21-Aug-18
August 21-Sep-18 21-Sep-18
September 21-Oct-18 21-Oct-18
October 21-Nov-18 21-Nov-18
November 21-Dec-18 21-Dec-18
December 21-Jan-19 21-Jan-19
January 21-Feb-19 21-Feb-19
February 21-Mar-19 21-Mar-19
March 21-Apr-19 21-Apr-19
April 21-May-19 21-May-19
May 21-Jun-19 21-Jun-19
June 21-Jul-19 21-Jul-19
2019 PAYG withholding payment summary report
14-Aug-19 30-Sep-19
Superannuation Guarantee Contribution (SGC)- Monthly
July 21-Aug-18
August 21-Sep-18
September 21-Oct-18
October 21-Nov-18
November 21-Dec-18
December 21-Jan-19
January 21-Feb-19
February 21-Mar-19
March 21-Apr-19
April 21-May-19
May 21-Jun-19
June 21-Jul-19
Superannuation Guarantee Contribution (SGC) – Quarterly
Jul – Sep 2018 28-Oct-19
Oct – Dec 2018 28-Jan-19
Jan – Mar 2019 28-Apr-19
Apr – Jun 2019 28 July 2019 (30 June 2019 to be eligible to claim in 2019 income tax return)

If you are concerned about getting your BAS prepared and lodged on time, a simple solution can be for Swag Bookkeeping to review and lodge your BAS online for you.

If this sounds like something that could help you, please click on the Contact Us button, and we will be in touch.

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