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Cash Flow

An effective bookkeeping service that helps you budget for the now and the later.

SWAG helps clients from small and medium sized businesses stay in control of their finances with our strategic cash flow bookkeeping service.

Your business relies on a stable cash flow to stay in operation. Money coming in and going out should be closely monitored to ensure you have enough profit to pay your bills and meet tax and superannuation obligations (at the very least).

Knowing you’re in control of your cash flow gives you more time and energy to spend time running and growing your business. That’s where SWAG comes in.

Our cash flow bookkeeping service will help you build an informed business plan moving forward.


A budget is a useful management tool to track your business performance and ensure you have enough available money to meet your financial obligations. SWAG can set up a monthly budget for the year to help you monitor your performance against your expectations. It will also allow you to see your financial position and identify fluctuations early before they cause problems.


Regular reports enable you to review your finances quickly and concisely. Potential shortages are easily identified and your SWAG advisor can help you avoid related problems and develop new strategies moving forward.


Avoid the unexpected by having SWAG set up and maintain a matrix that allows you to map out your monetary movements. We look at different scenarios when developing your matrix – a great tool for when finances need a bit of juggling. Please contact us for more information on our cash flow services.

How can we help you?

Please get in touch with the SWAG team to find out how we can help you, and receive a free 1 hour consultation.

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