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swag bookkeeping compliance services - marmack
mamack case study - compliance
marmack compliance case study


Marmack is a machinery moving business, operating for over 30 years.

They have with an established history in the pharmaceutical industry but have struggled to meet industry compliance requirements which have increased significantly over time.


Marmack recently commenced a large project and new staff were hired.

Marmack must meet the company’s compliance standards and the terms of a Trade Union EBA.

Swag Bookkeeping was engaged to provide specialist payroll support and compliance oversight.


To ensure the site’s trade union could not stop Marmack employees from working due to overdue or unpaid obligations such as SGC, Coinvest, Incolink, Workcover or BAS.

To pay employees as per the EBA conditions.

To free up the Director from the administrative workload so that he could concentrate on his area of expertise to manage the project.




  • BAS and IAS obligations were only paid when followed up by the ATO resulting in interest and penalty charges.
  • Payments to the ATO and creditors were paid by cheque. Online banking was not set up.
  • Wages were paid with cash and not recorded until some time later
  • Invoices were raised weeks after the work had been completed
  • Work would be done without the associated purchase order


  • Internet banking was set up and we were entrusted with access.
  • Swag Bookkeeping was authorized to represent Marmack with Worksafe, Incolink, CoInvest and CBUS.
  • A Marmack team member was given responsibility for the administrative aspect of the compliance framework. He liaises with Swag Bookkeeping, providing weekly hours worked by staff and details of the work to be invoiced.
  • A dedicated member of the Swag Bookkeeping team took responsibility for payroll, invoicing and maintenance of the MYOB file.
  • All Swag Bookkeeping bookkeepers provided support as needed.
  • BAS and IAS, Incolink, Coinvest, super and workcover were scheduled to be prepared and paid by the due date.
  • Workcover estimates were updated as staff numbers fluctuated during the project


Employees are paid weekly and receive payslips by email. We liaise with the CFMEU Payroll specialist to ensure the employees are paid according to the EBA.

Incolink, CoInvest, Workcover and superannuation obligations are up to date and paid by the due date.

BAS and IAS are up to date and being paid by the due date.

Invoices meet very specific requirements, include appropriate purchase order numbers and are delivered on time

In January 2020, we were still successfully collecting payments dating as far back as June 2017.

All bills are now paid electronically

Marmack’s director has been relieved of these day to day responsibilities and is able to concentrate on the project’s technical aspects and managing his team.