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October dates

Monday, September 28, 2020

Don’t wait till the last minute and create unnecessary stress – October is a busy month for bookkeeping.

Compliance and cashflow should be high on your agenda.

Some deadlines to schedule into your calendar.
· 14th October

Lodge September JobKeeper
· 21st October

Lodge and pay monthly BAS
· 28th October

Lodge and pay quarterly or monthly super

Lodge and pay quarterly BAS if you are lodging personally
· 25th November.

Lodge and pay quarterly BAS if being lodged by a registered BAS Agent

And the big one!

JobKeeper Extension – commenced 28th September.

The eligibility criteria is different for October to December. You will need to assess your eligibility for the next three months.

If you do meet the eligibility criteria, you then need to review your staff employment records to determine if they are Tier 1 or Tier 2 employees for the purposes of JobKeeper.

The rates are different and may impact what you pay your employees going forward, and how you record payroll.
For a brief overview of the JobKeeper Extension, try this link to last week’s post.
Please reach out for help if you need.

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