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Make those New Year’s Resolutions work for you

Monday, January 4, 2021

Was your holiday reading plan derailed by 

  • Not being able to stay awake past page three
  • Finishing your new book on day two of your holiday
  • Receiving a Chromecast for Kris Kringle and binge watching two seasons of A Handmaid’s Tale and Schitt’s Creek
  • Finding a gem of a book at the airport on the way home
  • All of the above

For those of you frustrated by your attempts to bring about positive change in your life, this book could be the answer.

Tiny Habits. The Small Changes That Change Everything

BJ Fogg PhD

Founder of the Behaviour Design Lab at Stanford

Fogg argues that will power is not the answer; that we achieve the best results by making change easy for ourselves and then goes on to provide a process for this.

Instead of setting ourselves up for failure, he provides a method for setting ourselves up for success. 

The theory has application not just to our personal lives, but also to business if you are trying to encourage particular behaviours from your team. 

It’s an easy read. Thought provoking. Sensible and practical.


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