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AUSkey and Mozilla Firefox issues

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

If you use Mozilla Firefox as your browser, you need to make changes to your browser to continue to use your AUSkey. If you don’t make these changes, you won’t be able to access the portals or other government services using your AUSkey.

From 7 March 2017, the latest version of Mozilla Firefox (version 52) will not support AUSkey. A browser extension is now available for Windows users to access services that require an AUSkey in preparation for the Firefox upgrade. Mac users will need to change browsers, for example to Google Chrome, with the Chrome browser extension.

What Windows users need to do:

What Mac users need to do:

  • you will need to change browsers. There is currently no Firefox browser extension fix for Mac users. Again, see AUSkey compatibility for a list of browsers you can use with Mac.

If you need further help:

If you need help or experience issues using AUSkey, contact the AUSkey Technical Helpdesk.

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