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The COVID19 Experience

Monday, September 21, 2020

The COVID19 Experience – Surprising, Amazing, True
I discovered I had 16 spare pillows.
I found myself in an online business meeting wearing the same dressing gown as another participant.
When I talk to my clients on the phone, I find myself leaning on my stand-up desk likes it a bar. I even have a stool now.
We have been adopted by a pigeon. He goes out flying during the day but every night he is back in the chook shed, perched on the top shelf. Mind you, the chook pen is now sporting a rather grand wrought iron gazebo complete with climbing roses, so obviously an aspirational pigeon. In typical fashion, Prince the Pigeon prefers chook food, and the chooks go wild for pigeon seed.
I rearranged the office and ended up with two power boards and an extension cord left over.
The cyclamens have been a constant companion on my kitchen shelf since April and still flowering.
I have been to an online Bollywood dance party.
I grew turnips. All recipes gratefully accepted.
What has been surprising, amazing, or true for you?

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